Are you ready for the harsh winter weather that's approaching? Many of our Columbus, OH customers at Bob-Boyd Lincoln, Inc. ask about how they can optimize safety on icy roads this winter. Choosing the right tires is important because it provides you with the most grip on slippery, icy surfaces.

There are two types of winter tires: studless and studded. Studded tires are used on heavily packed surfaces, but you can only use them in specific states. In addition, some states only allow studded tires at certain times during the winter. The studs are typically made of rubber. It's necessary that you avoid driving on dry roads with studded tires as it can cause damage.

Studless tires are made with deep tread. This tread allows the tires to get the most grip, and these tires contain a winter compound that makes the rubber more flexible as the temperature gets colder. Studless tires offer better fuel efficiency when compared to studded tires.

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