When it’s time to change the oil on your vehicle, do you know what type of oil your vehicle needs? All motor oils are not created equal. There is quite a difference between conventional motor oil and synthetic motor oil. Although we hear more about synthetic motor oil today, it’s actually been around for many years. Our team at Bob-Boyd Lincoln, Inc. can answer any questions you may have on motor oil and why your vehicle may need synthetic oil.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a type of man-made motor oil used on various types and makes of vehicles. In addition to being made with man-made materials, it also has various chemical ingredients, including distilled crude oil.. The actual compounds that are added to the oil vary from one brand to another.

Benefits of Synthetic Oil

Although it may cost a little more than conventional motor oil, there are several benefits to using synthetic motor oil.

  • It’s less likely to oxidize and acidify.
  • It doesn’t break down and lose quality as quickly.
  • It has higher chemical stability.
  • It provides better lubrication.


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