At the corner of luxury living and technological advancements lives one of Lincoln’s greatest interiors ever made: the Corsair. From leather-infused dashboards with perfect stitching, to color-changing ambience lighting that sets the mood just right, the interior of the 2022 Corsair sets the bar quite high. The Corsair features a massive dual-pane Panoramic Vista Roof that helps let in light during the day and soak in the stars at night. Combine this with Perfect Position leather-trimmed front seats that are adjustable in 24 different ways, include ventilation and heating, and even have five massage levels, and what you get is luxury living at its finest. The 2022 Corsair also features under-floor storage for all of your favorite gear, a brilliantly modern floating center console for easy access to all of the vehicle’s main controls, and second-row sliding seating to ensure that every occupant gets a perfectly comfortable experience.

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